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  1. Hi There. I am a (non-famous!) musician who is completing a CD project and I am wondering about the possibility of using one of your images for the cover. The image is the two old people with the dancing shadows. (The CD I am completing is piano and guitar instrumental music and the title of the CD is Playing With Shadows.)

    I’m wondering if you would allow someone to use this image and what you would charge for this? I am financing this myself but was curious. I would be producing 1000 CDs in total, but if it sold (none of my CDs ever sold more than 300-400 copies…sigh) I could imagine making more copies. Obviously, I would give you credit on the CD.

    Thanks and I love your work! David.

  2. July 11, 2014

    Hi Lyubomir:

    I am a production editor at The World Bank in Washington, DC, and I am writing about permission to use one of your images in an upcoming report on aging by our Europe and Central Asia unit. The publication will be in print and electronic formats, so we would be requesting unrestricted World rights, print and digital, in all languages. (The report will be in English but may be translated to other languages at some point.) Of course, credit would be given to you, the photographer. The image is the one of the old man and woman walking away from each otther, with their younger silhouettes dancing on a wall. If this is possible let me know and I will have a formal permission letter drawn up and sent to you. We would need a high-resolution file for printing purposes. Please let me know if this is all doable, as well as your email address and the cost for using the photo, if any. Many thanks for your assistance with this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    —Steve Pazdan, Production Editor, The World Bank Group

  3. Dear Mr. Bukov,

    We are a community group in the UK trying to combat social isolation and loneliness in older people. We would very much like to use your wonderful image of two elderly people with dancing shadows (Shadows of Past) on our website which is currently under construction – I see that it is an image that appeals to many, quite understandably! We would, of course, give you due credit on the site but are wondering whether there would be any cost involved. Please be kind enough to let me know as soon as you find a moment. Thank you and kind regards,

    Sophie Mansfield, Sunny Side Up!

  4. Dear Lyubomir,
    Your photograph of the elderly man and woman with the shadow of the dancers is lovely, and evocative of many recollections and phases of life. I find it especially meaningful, as a person who has always held dear music and dance.
    Please let me know how I can purchase a copy of this photograph for personal enjoyment in my home. If the purchase would be made from you, including sizes and costs would also be helpful. Thank you, Charmaine

  5. Hi Lyubomir,

    I am the project manager of a Europe funded academic research project that is a collaboration between 17 universities in the area of health and life sciences, studying healthy aging:
    We found your photo of the two old people casting dancing shadows a beatifully fitting illustration of what our project is about: healthy ageing. I therefore would like to ask you if we can use this photo for dissemination purposes of our project to the broad public. Of course we will gladly credit you for this photo. Please inform me whether this is possible and what would be the cost of using this photo.

    Many thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,
    Geert Depuydt, project manager, KULeuven, Belgium.

  6. Dear Lyubomir,
    I have been familiar with your photograph of the older couple and young shadows for quite a while, somehow this got around on internet, and I have also seen people using it. Now I saw your other pictures on your own website. They are very diverse, however it seems to me colour, light and dark play an important role in all your pictures. Especially the portraits, still lives of animals and the more poetic pictures, like the old couple, but also the woman on the branch in the water I find very strong.
    I have a question whether it would be possible to use the picture of the older couple and perhaps the woman on the branch as well, for our website (which is now under construction). The website will be in Dutch bit is about arts and therapy for health. I am head of the Master in Dance Therapy of Codarts, University for the Arts and board member and founder of an affiliated foundation called Codarts’ arts for Health. We combine the arts, treatment, research and education and are now working on setting up courses for elderly and their care takers. Your picture exactly catches the essence and is so poetic. Of course we would mention your name and website.
    I don’t really know how this works once pictures are out in the open, on internet. Are they then free to use or can people buy them? Whichever way I would need your permission, it would not be ethical otherwise.
    I hope you can back to me (and if you want to use my response for your website, feel free…
    With kind regards,
    Nicki Wentholt

  7. Hello,
    I am contacting you because I am a student at the University of Rennes 2 in France in master 2 Psychology. In our promotion, we plan to organize a day on the theme of old age as we looked for a photographic support for the poster and we found a photo you published … However, it is under the caption “all rights reserved”, we would therefore have permission to use this famous photo (https://www.flickr.com/photos/clubphotooptica/22813228012/). Is it that you own the rights or maybe you could give me information to use this image?
    Thank you for your attention and understanding.
    Anne-Elise LE GALL

  8. Hello, I am hoping to gain permission to reproduce your image of the older people walking with their younger shadows dancing behind them. I hope to include the photograph in an academic book about the history of shadows. Please write to me– I am very eager to discuss the details and to obtain your permission to reproduce the image, and would of course be very happy to tell you more about the project!

  9. 20080629171213_shadows-of-past-bw
    would like a hi rez version of this photo
    to make a phot for my elderly mother wall
    she was a ballerina

    how much would it cost
    please let me know

  10. Dear Lyubomir,
    I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who would like to you your dancing shadows image on her website. The new venture is to bring music and dance to elderly dementia patients to help them with memory recall. Called http://www.dancetoremember.org
    Would it be possible for her to use this image on the homepage of her website. We are happy to offer payment. You decide how much?
    Thanks for your great work,
    Susie Dove

  11. I don’t usually pay attention to photographer/image websites like this, but your work is really beautiful!

    My favorite is probably the one of the young, dancing shadows on the walls. Ever since I first saw that picture it’s always frequently come to mind when I look back on the past and think about how beautiful the world and humanity are in how far things have come, but melancholy at the same time because the only witnesses to those past times are elders and the deceased….it really makes me think.

  12. Dear Lyubomir,
    We find your photo on the internet and we like that very much. That is my wife’s favorite images and I’d like to print ir out to our living room as a birthday present for her.
    Would it be possible to by from you the full size images for just 1 printing?
    Friendly regards,

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