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  1. Hi There. I am a (non-famous!) musician who is completing a CD project and I am wondering about the possibility of using one of your images for the cover. The image is the two old people with the dancing shadows. (The CD I am completing is piano and guitar instrumental music and the title of the CD is Playing With Shadows.)

    I’m wondering if you would allow someone to use this image and what you would charge for this? I am financing this myself but was curious. I would be producing 1000 CDs in total, but if it sold (none of my CDs ever sold more than 300-400 copies…sigh) I could imagine making more copies. Obviously, I would give you credit on the CD.

    Thanks and I love your work! David.

  2. July 11, 2014

    Hi Lyubomir:

    I am a production editor at The World Bank in Washington, DC, and I am writing about permission to use one of your images in an upcoming report on aging by our Europe and Central Asia unit. The publication will be in print and electronic formats, so we would be requesting unrestricted World rights, print and digital, in all languages. (The report will be in English but may be translated to other languages at some point.) Of course, credit would be given to you, the photographer. The image is the one of the old man and woman walking away from each otther, with their younger silhouettes dancing on a wall. If this is possible let me know and I will have a formal permission letter drawn up and sent to you. We would need a high-resolution file for printing purposes. Please let me know if this is all doable, as well as your email address and the cost for using the photo, if any. Many thanks for your assistance with this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    —Steve Pazdan, Production Editor, The World Bank Group

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